Neffer LeMort

Neffer LeMort, Model of the Macabre

Caravaggio self portred

My name is Abigail Neffer LeMort. I'm a model who specializes in the morbid, strange, and bizarre. I'm 5'6” and weigh 116lb. My measurements are 34” 28” 36”.

I have five years experience as a professional mode. I've been an extra on Law and Order, in Vogue Japan, and have had the artist Dan Witz make a painting of me.

I am only willing to do nude or erotic work with female photographers who's intentions are artistic. If it tells a story or serves a purpose, awesome. If not, no. Don't be that person. If you're just another sleazy guy looking to have women debase themselves for your amusement I highly recommend jumping of a bridge and not contacting me.

I currently have shoulder length dark brown hair. About a quarter of my body is covered in tattoos.

I am trans and have no interest in doing anything transphobic or exploitative. Do not contact me if you're just looking for a trans model. Find someone else. Only contact me if you're genuinely interested in my work and look.

The Terms I Work On:
* My rates are negotiable to a degree. I have day and half day rates, please contact me and we will work something out in terms of what you can afford.
* I require 5 days notice prior to booking a shoot.
* Please note that I am not a MUA or a stylist, if you need one please hire one in advance.
* Regarding TF;CD and other free work: I only accept these jobs when I really love the artist's port and they are willing to reimburse me for travel expenses. I also ask that food be provided on long shoots.